What's Mints & honey?!

April 21, 2012

What's Mints & honey?!

What’s Mints & honey? This is the question I got asked a lot recently. Our local fans wonder why we moved from Alameda East Bay to San Mateo Peninsula. Some wonders if we still do weddings or event design. Many people peeked through our glass door the last two months wanting to know what’s the new business.

Canna and I have been doing wedding for the past 8 years and yes, we still do weddings!! As time passes, many of our clients and we become moms. Sometimes I still can’t believe we are moms of 5 kids and having kids does change our lives tremendously. We enjoy being a stay at home mom, walking them to schools, taking them to park, playing silly games, doing crafts and many more. Our mini honey makes us question ourselves daily about how can we make things pretty yet it also gives them a meaningful and creative experience.

In the past few years, we find it so difficult to find a venue that’s chic and stylish for adults and fun and engaging for kids. So last winter, we came up with the new vision for a welcoming homy venue for parents combining creative activities/ imagination at play for kids. We want to bring our event design experience to birthdays and all kinds of celebrations and bring our love to all things handmade and attention to details to both both adults and kids. And most importantly, we want to stay away from the computer for a moments and let think out of the box, enjoy life creatively and to feel amazing making things with hands.

So what’s Mints & honey? We paint, glitter, glue, and cut our way out and we include our little bees to be a part of our team! I wish this is a place people can feel like home, where they can relax and enjoy a good time. I wish this is a place where you find creativity and imagination.

We are closed 9/25-10/1

Dear all,

We are notified today that someone tested positive was in our facility 7 days ago. For the safety of yours and our staff, we will close for a week and reopen 10/2.

Though no staff who came in contact has any symptoms and we can’t be sure whether the person was positive at the time as the visit was a week ago, we want our employees to rest, feel safe and supported. We also want to deep clean and fully sanitize our cafe. We don't want to take chances.

We are sorry. We definitely miss you and want to be back open for our neighbors and friends. Meanwhile, please stay safe and keep wearing masks.

Mints & Honey