We Are Almost Ready!

April 16, 2012

We Are Almost Ready!

It’s really exciting to see things coming along! I am always too optimistic and have no ideas how much time we need to put all those little details together. Having a big party coming up in a week, I am definitely pushing everyone over the edge! =P But the good news is that we always surprise ourselves when we are under pressure.

We are closed 9/25-10/1

Dear all,

We are notified today that someone tested positive was in our facility 7 days ago. For the safety of yours and our staff, we will close for a week and reopen 10/2.

Though no staff who came in contact has any symptoms and we can’t be sure whether the person was positive at the time as the visit was a week ago, we want our employees to rest, feel safe and supported. We also want to deep clean and fully sanitize our cafe. We don't want to take chances.

We are sorry. We definitely miss you and want to be back open for our neighbors and friends. Meanwhile, please stay safe and keep wearing masks.

Mints & Honey