Calling All Superheroes!!

April 28, 2012

Calling All Superheroes!!

Calling all superheroes!! Ayden’s first birthday party is also Mints & honey very first party!! And it’s really a party for me! to celebrate our new business venture and to celebrate having survived another year of parenting! My first girl Anya was a super easy baby. She slept and ate a lot. We used to live in a condo and our neighbor look soooo surprised when we walked out with a stroller as they never heard a cry and never thought there’s really a baby next door. That’s how easy she was.

But Ayden is very different. Not that he was a big crier. When he was about 3 months old, his whole body broke out with a bad rash. From head to toe, he was covered and his eyes were so swollen that he could open a line. He couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. Poor thing. He was so uncomfortable yet he still smiled a lot. We didn’t know what’s going on?! Was it the food I ate – I breastfed and passed to him? or detergent? or the trees outside? or we were not cleaned enough? Doctors had no clues and said the eczema could be from anything! So I started an elimination diet and only ate chicken (only salt and no other seasoning – bye bye my favorite soy sauce!), veggie and rice for almost 4 months. We stopped using detergent on all his clothes and only washed with vinegar and baking powder. We even cut a bunch of plants in the back just to be safe. And everyday he is covered with cream and Aquaphor! haha he became the stickiest baby. Very slowly, his skin improved yet I still battled everyday what to eat, what to use and what to do.

Now he is turning ONE and his skin is all clear! He still can’t have a piece of cake for his big day but what we have been through this year makes me understand parenthood on a whole different level. It also makes me pay more attention to health/ environmental/ food safety and quality. So it’s really a time to celebrate!! My little superhero – Ayden!! Happy Birthday. XOXO

We are closed 9/25-10/1

Dear all,

We are notified today that someone tested positive was in our facility 7 days ago. For the safety of yours and our staff, we will close for a week and reopen 10/2.

Though no staff who came in contact has any symptoms and we can’t be sure whether the person was positive at the time as the visit was a week ago, we want our employees to rest, feel safe and supported. We also want to deep clean and fully sanitize our cafe. We don't want to take chances.

We are sorry. We definitely miss you and want to be back open for our neighbors and friends. Meanwhile, please stay safe and keep wearing masks.

Mints & Honey